Your Lawn & Garden: Hats

Your Lawn & Garden: Hats

Gary: Today on your lawn and garden we’re not talking about plants we’re talking about hats and why then we’re talking about gardens and lawns hats so important John?

John: That’s right we need to protect ourselves right now from all kind of harm the sun does. And we have a good variety of men’s hats like what you have here with the large brim so you’re protected quite a bit—better than a baseball hat. That really doesn’t protect you too much.

John: Right, these do, like this safari hat, they work well. And we have women’s hats here too. This is just some I’m showing you. We have more than this that’s available.

Gary: That’s to protect the head because heat exhaustion can jump right on you.

John: Right, definitely and a lot of people don’t know it but it’s already there so it’s good to protect yourself before hand

Gary: Also, what do we have down here?

John: This is to also help cool off the garden so if you want to put a mulch down, it’s good to put it in the garden real good and water it in and it’ll keep your moisture there and it’ll keep your garden cooler also.