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  • Looking for a handy Growing Guide to follow for those vegetables? Click HERE to take a look!
    Published on the 7th at 12am
  • Happy 4th of July! We're closed today.
    Published on the 4th at 12am
  • We're closed on Tuesday, July 4th!
    Published on the 28th at 12am
  • Happy Memorial Day! We are Closed today.
    Published on the 29th at 12am
  • We're closed on Memorial Day!
    Published on the 25th at 12am
  • Shrubs, Herbs, Flowers - OH MY! Click Here to see our plants, fruits, herbs & trees!
    Published on the 10th at 12am
  • Due to inclement weather, Chastant Brother's Inc. is CLOSED for the rest of the day. We'll resume normal business hours tomorrow (5/4), 7:30am to 5pm
    Published on the 3rd at 12am
  • Easter Hours - Good Friday: Closed, Saturday: Open 7am to 12pm, Easter Sunday: Closed
    Published on the 12th at 12am