Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome
  • Model Number: 10390

For use on ornamental plants, grasses and trees. Plant Diseases Controlled: Ornamental Plants and Lawns: Fairy Ring, Toadstools, Pythium and many more listed on the label.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome
  • Model Number: 10770

A granular product containing Eagle® fungicide that provides a systemic protectant and curative fungicide. Controls turfgrass diseases in established lawns and in ornamental turfs. Use on lawns, landscapes, golf course greens, tees and fairways.

  • Model Number: SG2901

Contains 48% copper salts of fatty and rosin acids, 4% metallic copper. Use on citrus, grapes, cucumbers, squash, melons, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions, peanuts, carrots, and certain ornamentals. Controls downy and powdery mildew, early blight, bacterial spot, melanose, black rot and anthracnose. Rate: 2-6 Tsp. per gallon. Mix with water and apply as a thorough cover spray.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome
  • Model Number: 11377

Prevents & controls major diseases on roses, flowers, lawns, trees & shrubs. 

Diseases Controlled: LAWNS: Take All Patch, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose, Black Spot, Leaf Spot, Needle Rust, Red Thread, Stripe Smut, and Dichondra Rust. 

TREES, SHRUBS & ORNAMENTALS: Black Spot, Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew, Needle Rust, Tip Blight and many more listed on the label

• Broad Spectrum Fungicide
• Soft O
n Beneficial Insects
• Rain Proof
• Rapid Breakdown
• No Accumulation In The Food Chain
• Well Tolerated On A Wide Range Of Plants

  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • Model Number: BP60514

Prevents and controls over 30 plant diseases, including tough to control soil borne pathogens of bulbs, annual and perennial flowers, bedding plants and ground covers, deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. Finally a product that solves disease problems of home planting that until now has not been available. 2.05% thiophanate-methyl.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products
  • Model Number: BY701230A

Works systemically for up to 1 month. Controls Red Thread, brown patch, dollar spot, rusts and others. New formula provides weatherproof protection. Active ingredient 0.51% Propiconazole.

  • Manufacturer: ferti-lome
  • Model Number: FE10770

Formulation: myclobutanil. A granular product containing Eagle fungicide that provides a systemic protectant and curative fungicide to control turfgrass diseases in established lawns. Controls anthracnose, red thread, septoria leaf spot, brown patch, copper spot, and many more. Covers up to 2,666 sq. ft.