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Fall Deer Seed and Feed Availability

Fall Deer Seed and Feed Availability

8/29 through 9/30/18

See Chastant Brothers for your fall Deer Seed and Feed. We have the following selection available:

  • Rackmaster Deer Greens (rape, turnip, radish)- 10lbs/per acre, 5lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Durana Clover- 10lbs/per acre, 5lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Refuge (rape, red & white clover, turnip, chicory)- 10lbs/per acre, 5lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mix (wheat, oats, aw peas, rye, clover)- 100lbs/per acre, 50lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Early Draw- 25lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Elite (aw peas, chicory, red & white clover, rye, wheat, oats, rape, radish)- 50lbs/per acre, 25lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Clover Trio (red clover, patriot white clover)- 10lbs/per acre, 5lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Trophy Radish (trophy radish)- 10lbs/per acre, 5lb/bag
  • Rape- 5lbs/per acre
  • Austrian Winter Peas- 30-50lbs/acre, 50lb/bag
  • Crimson Clover- 20-30lbs/acre
  • Osceola Landino Clover- 8-10lbs/acre
  • Mustard Seed- 5lbs/acre
  • Turnip Seed- 5lbs/acre
  • Buck Forage Oats- 120lbs/acre, 50lb/bag
  • Pasture Oats/Bob Oats- 120lbs/acre, 50lb/bag
  • Pasture Wheat- 50lbs/acre, 50lb/bag
  • Kale Seed- 5lbs/acre, 1lb/bag
  • Throw & Grow- 5lb/bag
  • Daikon Radish- per lb
  • CBI 7-Way Blend (crimson, landino clover, aw peas, wheat, bob oats, elbon rye, rape)- 50lbs/acre, 50lb/bag
  • Buck Buster (wheat, rye, oats, aw peas, rape, clover)- 50lbs/acre, 50lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Ultimate (crimson & red clover, durana & patriot white clover, arrowleaf clover, choice chicory)- 8lbs/acre, 4lb/bag
  • Rackmaster Feeding Frenzy (rye, aw peas, oats, wheat, crimson clover, rape, radish, turnip)- 50lbs/acre, 25lb/bag
  • Tecomate Lab Lab Plus (annual lab lab, soybean, iron clay peas, sorghum, cowpeas)- 22lbs/acre, 22lb/bag
  • Whole Corn- 50lb/bag
  • Rice Bran- 50lb/bag
  • Antlermax Deer Mineral- 25lb/bag
  • Flavored Corn, Persimmon, Apple- 50lb/bag
  • Flavored Bran, Persimmon, Peanut Butter, Buck-Aide Berry- 50lb/bag

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