Being a Purina Certified Expert Dealer means that we offer a complete line of quality Purina feed products and have knowledgeable associates who care first about our customers, and their animals. Training is a key element for our Certified Expert staff and you can depend on us for Certified Expert advice!

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How To Fix Dead Patches In The Lawn

A dead patch in the lawn is something that plagues every homeowner at some point and time. Dead patches can be tough to avoid as sometimes it really just comes down to the weather and other underlying issues that you cannot control such as water restrictions and root infections.

Tips for Placing Your Hummingbird Feeder

A hummingbird feeder can bring great joy and amazing hummingbird activity to your backyard, but you need to position the feeder properly so you don't miss an instant of the action. Where should you put your hummingbird feeder?

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Your Lawn & Garden: Pruning

Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden. Today on your lawn and garden, we’re talking about pruning. What is pruning and what time of the year do we do it?

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