Being a Purina Certified Expert Dealer means that we offer a complete line of quality Purina feed products and have knowledgeable associates who care first about our customers, and their animals. Training is a key element for our Certified Expert staff and you can depend on us for Certified Expert advice!

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10 Best Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors can seem intimidating for gardeners who may not have the greenest thumbs, but it's not hard to do with the right preparation and attentive care. Why Start Your Own Seeds?

Caring for Your Horse's Hooves in Wet Conditions

Wet conditions can be challenging to proper hoof care, but it is easy to keep your horse on sound footing even during extensive periods of wet weather. How Wet Conditions Affect Hooves Soft, wet ground can dramatically affect horses' hooves.

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Lawn & Garden: Purple Martin Houses

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about bring the birds around your house and how you do that. We’re talking about purple martins, we’ll give you an idea of how you can make their housing really nice so they’ll stay around.

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