Product Catalog

3 gallon poly sprayer features anti-clog filter, ergo handle, reinforced hose, large funnel top and on board measuring cup.

  • Manufacturer: Chapin Home and Garden Family of Sprayers

The Chapin 2-Gallon Poly Lawn and Garden sprayer is ideal for weed control, pest control, and fertilizers. Ergonomic pump handle makes pumping and carrying easy. Lightweight, polyethylene translucent tank making it easy to check fluid levels. 

Lawn and leaf bags are designed for the cleanup of grass, leaves, and other yard waste. These paper bags are completely biodegradable and ideal for composting. 

These colorful, washable gloves will be instant winners with kids and the adults who like to buy things for them! Nylon knit with textured rubber palm, assorted colors.

Long-handled fruit picker is overall 9 feet in length. The heavy-duty wire basket is coated in colorful vinyl. The bottom of the basket is lined with a "bruise-free" fruit pad. The handle is comprised of two 4-foot hardwood handles. The Flex rake garden series tough grade fruit picker, wooden handle extends to a comfortable 8'. The pull style fruit picker basket makes it easy to harvest your bounty.

Recommended for most acorns (including white and black oak), small and native pecans, hickory nuts (shagbark, bitternut, pignut, mockernut, and water hickory), hazelnuts and filberts, and crab apples.

*Chastant Brothers is one of the largest Pecan buyers in the area! Stop by, pick some up and we'll even crack them for you!*

Recommended for English walnuts, large acorns (bur, chestnut, and red oak), buckeyes, large and paper shell pecans, shellbark hickory nuts, butternuts, chestnuts, shotgun hulls, and golf balls.

*Chastant Brothers is one of the largest Pecan buyers in the area! Stop by, pick some up and we'll even crack them for you!*

  • Manufacturer: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

Set metering dial for required dilution; concentrate and water will automatically be mixed at set rate – up to 100 gallons. Metering dial selects from 16 mixing ratios; 1 teaspoon up to 10 tablespoons. Operates on water pressures ranging from 40 PSI to 60 PSI. Built-in anti-siphon device prevents back flow. Remove the deflector for solid stream coverage up to 30 ft.

We sell Freeze Protection cloth by the foot! Just like a thermal blanket, except for your plants. 

  • Model Number: JB-24

The JB-24 Bulb Planter is 24" long, drills holes 2 ¾" diameter up to 8" deep, and fits any ⅜" or ½" electric or cordless drill. It's the quick, easy, professional way to plant your bulbs, plants and seedlings.

The nut wizard easily picks up nuts by simply rolling over them. The wire cage picks up and captures the nuts inside. To empty the nut wizard simply spread the wires and the nuts come tumbling out. You can also use the optional wire dumper to empty the nuts straight into a barrel or 5 gallon bucket.