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Your Lawn & Garden: Flower Beds

Let's talk about your flower beds! It takes a little work to get it going but with the right products from Chastant Brother's, you'll have the winning flower bed of the month!

Your Lawn & Garden: pH Test

Do you want your garden looking better than your neighbors? The time to start is now! Start working up the ground and getting it ready for spring by adding fertilizer, lime and cottonseed meal. Before you start, make sure to take a soil sample of your garden area so you know what the pH is and what you need to add. Come see us, we can tell you exactly what you need to put in!

Your Lawn & Garden: Roses

It's almost Valentine's Day and a great gift to give would be a rose. Now if you'd like to grow your own roses to give, this video has what you need to make them flourish in this week's episode of your lawn and garden.

Your Lawn & Garden: Rat Traps

Here John Chastant talks Rats and how to rid them from your yard and home. There's different ways to get rid of them from poisons to traps, we have a great variety of each. We also have a Rat & Mouse killer that isn't poisonous to dogs or cats so you don't need to worry about your pet getting into it. Another great tip that everyone loves including rats is BACON! Bacon works great for rat bait. Stop by Chastant Brothers and see John!

Your Lawn & Garden: Potatoes & Spring Garden

Let's get the garden ready for springtime! Right now is the time to put your potatoes in. John shows you how to start your potato garden in this video and also talks about other vegetables that are great for planting this time of year.

Your Lawn & Garden: Brown Patches and Weeds

Are you seeing brown patches in your lawn? Pick up one of these two products to stop them from spreading. And don't forget about the weeds! You may not have weeds now but take care of all the seeds that have dropped with this great product!