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Your Lawn & Garden: Garden Nutrients

Bring your garden to life! Add nutrients and an aeration type product like this compost we talk about in this week's episode of your Lawn & Garden. Having problems with insects on your Fruit Trees & Vegetables? We have a solution for that too!

Your Lawn & Garden: Pests & Insecticides

Today we talk pests and insecticides. Get a jump start and head over to Chastant Brother's for products to rid these pesky insects from your lawn, garden, trees and shrubs. *Organic solutions available!

Your Lawn & Garden: Sprayers

Today, we're going to "spray" you with some information! Do you have an acre or more to spray? Or Shrubbery or Trees that need treating? Watch this video to check out our different types of sprayers.

Your Lawn & Garden: Weed and Feed

Now's the time for weed control and fertilizer. We have products that contain both or products just for weed control or fertilizer. Before applying, make sure you get the right product for your lawn. Stop in and talk with the experts at Chastant Brother's!

Your Lawn & Garden: Weed Killer

Eradicating weeds. John Chastant tells you how to do it and the products you need to get it done!

Your Lawn & Garden: Lawn Fertilizer

Let's talk Fertilizer! Right now's a little early to fertilize but put a little down now and then the rest at the end of April, early May. Watch this video for the best fertilizers to use now- their safe and won't burn your lawn.