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Your Lawn & Garden: Fungus

Spray now to prevent your garden from getting a fungus. Visit Chastant Brothers for solutions. We have organic solutions available too for your vegetables!

Your Lawn & Garden: Weeds

Take control of weeds for good! We have products that will knock down the weeds in your lawn and garden quick. Organic solutions available!

Your Lawn & Garden: Pond

On this week's Lawn & Garden episode John talks about backyard ponds. Keep your pond clear, weeds down, and algae under control with these products from Chastant Brothers.

Your Lawn & Garden: Citrus

Take control now so you have healthy fruit. Keep your citrus protected from insects and diseases with these products from Chastant Brothers. 

Your Lawn & Garden: Planting & Composting

There's still time to plant! We have a good selection of plants at the store- tomatoes, peppers and more. Before planting, add your 5-20-20 fertilizer and till it in. Want to learn how to compost? See what John did to get his compost pile going.

Your Lawn & Garden: Flower Bed

This week we are talking about weed prevention. Take control before the weeds start with these great products for both your flower beds and your lawn!